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Editor's Choice

Mr & Mrs. Nix Wedding

Laura and Michael got married on December 7, 2019 at a cute estate in Downtown Greensboro! I was lucky enough to have the honor of making some cookies for their dessert table and their wedding cake. In Pittsburgh, where the bride is from, there is a tradition of doing a cookie table. These cute greenery cookies were added to their…


While we were all stuck in a hard lockdown back in April 2020, I created these funny meme cookies to give everyone a bit of a laugh! The silver is painted on with an edible paint and the shirt is created with an edible marker. Now, go grab a glass of wine but don’t forget to wear your mask!

Amelia’s ONE in a Melon!

I created baby shower cookies for Amelia’s momma’s baby shower and then was able to do a fun set for Amelia’s first birthday! These cookies are actually FULLY vegan, too! I know what you’re thinking about the taste – but don’t worry! They taste pretty much exactly like a regular sugar cookie! DELISH!

Welcome, Baby Mia!

Baby Mia was welcomed into this world in November 2020! I did these cute baby shower cookies for her mom’s virtual baby shower back in August. The gold on the world “girl” is hand painted on with a gold luster dust watered down with vodka (don’t worry, the alcohol evaporates right away) and the embroidery look on the sleeves of…

Avery’s First Birthday

I had the pleasure of creating these adorable lemonade stand cookies for my friend’s daughter, Avery’s, first birthday! They have been a favorite on my page. The polka dots and some of the lemon wedges were done with a wet on wet technique. The swirls in the mason jars are also wet on wet, but with my scribe being pulled…