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Editor's Choice

Christmas Cookie Advent Calendar PRESALE

Our Christmas Cookie Advent Calendar PRESALE is now LIVE! *LIMITED AMOUNT AVAILABLE* Do you love having that fun treat each day leading up to Christmas? Who wouldn’t?! Premium Option: Our Christmas advent calendar will include 24 mini cookies and is approx. 9 5/8″ wide x 12 3/4″ tall x 2 1/4″ deep when it’s closed. The advent calendar opens like a book…

Favorite Kitchen Tools

Hi everyone! I thought I’d hop on and give you guys a quick run down on some of my favorite kitchen tools. All of these items are things that I currently use when I bake or cook and absolutely love! I’ll be sure to post a few of these every month so you can continue to get an idea of…


At The Messy Apron, we love to have fun! That’s why I created our adult line of cookies: Dick-a-roos and bags of dicks! These goodies allow you to playfully tell your friends to “eat abag of dicks” and even come with a 2oz. cup of rainbow chip icing for dipping. This adult takeon the childhood treat we all know and…