Hey there, cookie lover! I’m Jenny.

When’s the last time you had fun in the kitchen? The last time you didn’t care about the mess and just dove into the creation?

Here at The Messy Apron, my goal is to help you embrace the mess and the fun of baking and try new recipes that instantly become your favorites!
I believe that the marks on a messy apron are the memories we make and the story we tell. (Go ahead, ask me to show you my messy apron any time – I’d be proud to!)

Baking has always been a part of my own family. My Grandma Shirley used to take her mix
master with her on vacation, and now I’m the girl who brings her KitchenAid mixer and always has a freezer full of cookies in case of a cookie emergency. (Trust me, it happens!)

Through in-person and virtual cookie classes, I help you discover your passion for cookie
decorating and customize kits for date night, sisterhood bonding, or special occasions with the
family. I love being part of the special moments in your life, and with my custom cookie designs, I also create little edible memories that help tell your story.

Whether you’re a new cookier or looking for someone to make your vision a reality, life’s too
short to eat boring cookies! The Messy Apron brings the fun and the magic of baking together and gives everyone a chance to get a little messy.